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The Focused founder Liz Huber regularly writes about productivity on Medium.com, one of the fastest growing blogging platforms. Combined, her articles have over 2 Million Views on the platform and she has been awarded Top Writer in the productivity category multiple times.

How to Plan Your Week the Right Way

Planning your week is a powerful productivity habit that puts you in the driver seat of your life. It allows you to prioritize what is important to you and make real progress on the goals that truly matter to you - if you do it the right way. Follow our tips for planning your week in this article and take back control of your time.

How to Master your Priorities with the Urgent-Important Matrix

Do you jump between meetings and urgent emails all day only to realize at 6 pm that you have not even started that important project you were supposed to work on? Here is the step-by-step guide to solve the Urgent vs. Important Dilemma, claim back your time and finally focus on the things that actually move the needle.

How To Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

Optimizing the structure of your day is a keystone habit of highly productive people. Read this article to learn how to spend your time and energy intentionally and maximize your productivity on a daily basis.

How to Master Your To-Do List

Are you frantically grinding away at your never-ending to-do list that just grows bigger and bigger? Do you ask yourself at the end of the day where all the time went? Do you feel busy, yet unproductive?

If yes, it's time to restructure your to-do list and set it up in a way that actually works FOR you instead of the other way around. Learn how to master your to-do list in this article.

How to Optimize, Automate & Delegate your Workload

If you are overwhelmed, unfulfilled and stressed out, you are in the right place! In this article, Liz shares the 5-step streamlining process she implements with her coaching clients to claim back time and focus on what is really important instead of grinding away at a never-ending list of tedious tasks and external commitments.

How to Kill Distractions & Become Insanely Productive

We live in a distracted world where focusing on ONE thing at a time has become hard or even impossible for us. But the truth is: we choose to be distracted. And we can choose NOT to be.

The key to true focus is to proactively manage your vices!

In this article, Liz shares 5 ways to kill distractions and stay focused on what matters.

"You can't do BIG things,

if you are distracted by SMALL things."