Do What Matters Most.

At the Focused, we help you get clear on what matters most, stay focused on your top priority goals and streamline everything else to gain back valuable time and energy.

How to Do What Matters Most

Welcome to the New Age of Productivity:

Doing what matters most instead of trying to get it ALL done.

Here is our step-by-step guide to get clear on what is truly important to you, claim back your time and energy and make true progress on the few things that actually matter.

Step 1

Change Your Mindset

Stop asking yourself how you can become more productive and "fit it all in". Start committing to doing less but better. True success and happiness is about ruthlessly focusing on what matters most, and consciously deprioritizing (and even eliminating) everything else. Don't believe us? Read the book "Essentialism", the modern-day bible for a truly fulfilling life.

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Step 2

Get Clear on What Matters

When you let go of all the SHOULDs and HAVE TOs and stop letting other people prioritize your life, what is it that is still left on your to-do list (or your bucketlist)? What is it that truly matters to you? What is the impact you want to make in this world? What are the things that bring you extraordinary joy and satisfaction? And what is it that drains you and sucks the life out of you?

Take a step back and get clear on your top priority and goals. Once you have overall clarity about your life and work, you can start consciously planning your days accordingly and begin eliminating and streamlining everything that doesn't really matter as much.

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Step 3

Consistently Focus on What Matters Most

Knowing your priorities is one thing but truly living your priorities is another. How you spend your typical day is what reveals your true priorities, not what you wrote down in your journal. Check the resources below to stay focused on what matters most throughout the week.

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Step 4

Streamline the Rest

Once you know what truly matters in your life and you have managed to shift your mental focus to your top priority goals, it's time to take a look at everything else that is still on your plate and find a way to eliminate, optimize, automate or outsource it. Over time, how you spend your time and energy becomes a reflection of what matters most to you and with it, the impact you make in your work and the fulfilment you will feel will drastically increase all while your stress level will go down.

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"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently

that which should not be done at all."

Peter Drucker


Hi, I am Liz Huber

As a Mindset & Productivity Coach, I have worked with 147+ people to become more productive and achieve their goals. After 437 coaching sessions, I realized that most productivity advice is unhelpful or even destructive in some cases.

This is why I started The Focused - I wanted to find a way to educate people at scale about what productivity is truly about and how they can can become less stressed, more fulfilled and maximize their impact.

And it is not through get MORE done...

Against the popular definition, productivity is actually not about maximizing output and doing things faster. True productivity is about getting the right things done.

Instead of following random hacks and strategies, what really matters is to find out what matters most to you and focus on that, while eliminating and streamlining everything else.

Welcome to The Focused.

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